OnSite Tech Support

Having trouble with a computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet?  I'm here to help.  I will come to your location to help get your devices and peripherals working properly.  Call or text to set up an appointment and to discuss your technological service needs.

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Website Creation

Ready to bump your business to the next level? Or did you just start a business and need to get your business online.  Whatever your needs, lets start building your brand reputation by building a website to promote your products and services.

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Social Media Marketing

Time to step it up! But you don't have time to be on social media everyday making consistent and relevant posts, right? I know how it is.  That's why you have me.  Together we will build a plan that's right for your business to build it's online engagement with your customer base.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and whatever the next new craze is in social media... I'll cover all the bases with you so that we can bring your vision into focus.

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No Matter What Your Tech Need Is, I'm Your Geek!

My main goal throughout life has been helping people.  My objective is to use my talents to help you succeed. Sometimes that means something as simple as removing a computer virus from your computer or consulting with you on the next computer you buy.

Sometimes, it means helping you build your business by building your website and helping you with your social media marketing campaigns.  I'm your geek!

Digital Media Marketing? Yep, I do that. Upgrading a computer with more memory? Yep, I do that. Fixing a problem with your computer network? Yep, I do that.  And so much more!

Simply said, when you need a geek, I'm your geek!

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Next Step...

If you are on mobile, hit that call or email button at the bottom on your screen right now! Or from a computer fill out a contact request on the "Get a Geek!" button.