Need a Geek? We’re your Geeks!

We are your full service Geeks! We answer questions, solve problems, build websites, develop marketing strategies using today’s technology tools, and get your running in smooth fashion.

Onsite Tech Support

Having trouble with a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet? We’re here to help! We will come to your location to help get your devices and peripherals working properly. Let’s discuss your tech needs!

Online Marketing

We will help build a marketing plan for your team to implement.  Or take over all of your social media marketing and digital media marketing to help you drive more dollars into your business.

Website Creation/Redesign

Ready to bump your business to the next level? Or are you starting a new business and looking to build a web footprint? We are here to help. From consulting on ways to improve and old site to helping you build a completely new one, we’re your geeks!


For All of Your Tech Needs, We’re Your Geeks!

My main goal throughout life has been helping people. My objective is to use my talents and skills to help you succeed. To that end, I hire like-minded geeks on the QCRentaGeek team to assist in solving your problems.  Somtimes this is a simple as answering a critical question for your or consulting with you on the next computer you purchase.

Sometimes, it means helping you build your business by designing and building your website, building your social media markeing plans, designing and managing your paid online ad campaign. We are your geeks!

We will diagnose your problems from networking and printing issues to leaks in your marketing.  Then we will help you fix them.

Simply said, when you need a geek, we’re your geeks!


What We Offer

We offer a wide array of services to support all of your tech needs. We have a team of geeks and partner with others to bring the full picture into light for you. For all your tech needs, we’re your geeks!

Tech Support

We fix networking problems, printing problems, viruses, answering those quick questions you may have, and we find solutions to bigger issues you are trying to solve.

Web Design

We consult with you to determine your needs. For instance, should your site be a landing page? A place to gather email addresses? Or a spot to funnel real sales into your business? And, we will build a site that accomplishes your goals.

Social Media Marketing

Are you asking yourself which social media platforms you need to be on? How often? What to post? And how to find the time to do all of this and still serve your customers? That’s why we’re here to help solve all of these complex issues.

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