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Our Story

I began helping people with computer needs when I was a teenager.  By the time I was 20, I was writing websites for people (the old fashioned way - in HTML, by hand). Skip ahead to today.  Now, I'm in my 40's.  I moved to Charlotte, NC in 2015 and noticed that many of the people I met still had the same needs I serviced with my first company, ABC Computing back in the 1990's.  Thus, Queen City Rent a Geek was born in 2017.  While technology and changed quite a lot over the years and many things have become easier, I have found many businesses need the type of services that I provide.  I am privledged to be able to help businesses with the website and social media marketing needs of today.  I am honored to be a trusted technician to come to your home or business and help with your computers, networks, mobile devices, and peripherals.  I am... your geek!

Our Approach


Our Approach

We will talk once before we meet to discuss your concerns.  Next, we will schedule an appointment either by phone or in person based on your needs.  My ultimate goal, in a nutshell, is to help you.  I seek to understand your process and your problem so that I can help you craft a plan to achieve your endgame.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Currently I'm a solo flyer.  As I continue to add regular accounts to service by Queen City Rent a Geek, I'll be adding more geeks to the team.  For now, you've got me! Bridget Fredericks

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Bridget Fredericks

Founder & Lead Geek

Bridget learned to write code at the age of 6.  She has been up to the elbows in technology all of her life and watched tech grow and change our lives.

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Yes, You

Don't let this surprise you. You are part of the team.  Every project for which I am hired includes you.  Without you, your needs, your wants, I can't accomplish anything. YOU are the most important player on this team.

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