Just wanted to take a moment to update the world on the latest creation from Queen City Rent a Geek.  First, let me say that when I build a website I work closely with the owner to build the site that the owner can love.  I, first, build a draft copy for you to review.  From there we go through revisions and tweaking to create just the right site to show off your business!

I love my clients and I love it when they are pleased with the final product.  Well… we have a winner here.

The purpose here was to build a very clean-looking website because the business being promoted is a cleaning service. We wanted that feeling of clean to come through in the business’s web presence. Additionally, the business uses third-party software to handle bookings, payments, their calendar, and so much more. So, it was important to link the website into this software. We built a booking form on the third-party system and then used an iframe to bring the booking form into the website. This allows customers to schedule their service and see the cost of the service with no surprises all by visiting the website.

This new site was built on Squarespace for a local cleaning company.  Check out my work, and if you need a cleaning service, check out their work at www.capuletcleaning.com

-I am,

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