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I'm playing around with some of the new AI tools on the Internet. I found this website. It uses artificial intelligence to create videos for you. Sounds pretty cool! So I tried it and it made me laugh so hard. Use case: I'm working on building out a website to teach people how to build websites. So I typed in some text that I might use to promote the new website, provided my name and email address and hit the GO button. About 2 minutes later it sent me the video the website created. Now, remember, these aren't real people. I thought the person speaking in the video felt very "robotic" to me. And, no, I'll never use the video, but it was an interesting test case.I'm always trying to stay on top of new technologies that may help my business and yours!I am,-Your Geek!Click to watch the AI video "Your AI video" generated with Synthesia STUDIO. ... See MoreSee Less
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