OnSite Tech Support

When you need help at your location, this service is for you.  Rates are $95/hour.  I can help you remove a computer virus, replace a screen on your phone, teach you how to use G-Suite, connect your printer to your network, or any of a multitude of different things that would require an service call.  Contact me and lets talk about your issue so that we can schedule a time to come out and get you back up and running.

Website Creation

Is it time to create a website for your product or service? Let’s give your business credibility by building a great website for customers to check you out before they buy.  Some of my clients have an old, outdated website.  If that’s you, let’s bring you into this decade. Website services start out at $1495. Let’s talk about your goals so that we can develop a plan and I’ll give you a total price before we start. No hourly charges. No upcharges. Just a straight single-project quote.

Social Media Marketing

Ready to take your business to the next level? Let’s start engaging your audience in social media.  You know how in the old days you might go to a dinner party and happen to discuss what you do for a living and even start building trust in your brand through person to person marketing?  Social Media is the 24 hour a day, 7 day a week dinner party or networking event.  You can engage your customers all the time.  Even while you sleep or take your family on vacation.  Let’s talk about your business and goals and get started.  Monthly costs vary but small packages start at $250/month.

Website Hosting

Upgrade your hosting to us. Our servers are fast and reliable. Hosting starts at $29.99 per month. Or upgrade to even faster servers with a dedicated IP starting at $119.95/month

Website Maintenance

Maintenance includes adding security plugins to your WordPress website to protect against malicious attacks and spam, keeping plugins and WordPress up to date, monitoring website security, setting up and managing an online backup of your website so that it can be recovered if needed, and minor content updates or tweaks (up to 15 minutes per month). Prices start at $75/month, and you qualify for 50% a maintenance package if we build and host your site.

SEO Expertise

To truly get your site to rank organically, you need someone who stays on top of the ever-changing algorithms that Google uses to rank websites. I’m your Geek!  Monthly, I will track your SEO performance, tweak content, reconstruct more SEO friendly titles, fix SEO errors that are commonly forgotten in managing site images, and perform analytics so that you know what we can do to improve your website traffic and length of stay on the site.  Also included, we will hire a blog writer to add a monthly blog post about your business.  SEO plans start at $450/month and can vary depending on the size of your project and the work detail that we agree is needed.


What’s the common goal here?

Let’s be real with each other.  The common goal here is to make your life easier and drive more customers to your business.  For this I am, your geek!

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